Pilates Plus OC male client and instructor

There is no denying that Pilates is great for the body, especially our style of Pilates. Pilates at Pilates Plus OC is known as a style of Pilates called Lagree Fitness. Lagree Fitness is an innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. Lagree Fitness, simply put, is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. Yes, this full body conditioning includes not just the physical body but the mind too.

The mental benefits of this Pilates class may be the best thing you get out of this workout.

Pilates encourages better focus.

The exercises our client’s put their bodies through in Pilates is certainly no walk in the park. Your mind doesn’t have much of a chance to think about the errands you need to run, the emails you haven’t responded to or figuring out what to make for dinner. Instead, you have to focus on what the instructor is saying, executing the exercise correctly and effectively, what muscles you should be engaged, all while listening for which exercise is up next–just to name a few things.

You are literally forced to focus on what is going on right here, right now in class. During our 55 minutes classes, there isn’t time to think about anything else, just deep focus on what your body is doing.

This mental challenge doesn’t end here though. By strengthening your mind during Pilates, you will also see this translate to other parts of your day too. You will begin to notice that you can concentrate better at specific tasks, your brain will be stronger to handle certain life moments better, and heck maybe you will finally get through that book you meant to finish for the past year. And speaking of better brain strength…

Pilates stimulates brain strength and flexibility.

Did you know that cognitive improvements have been linked to forms of exercises that involve mind-body exercises like Pilates? The brain, like our muscles, is a tissue, and it’s function declines with underuse and age. Beginning in our late 20s, most of us will lose about 1 percent annually of the volume of the hippocampus, a vital portion of the brain related to memory and certain types of learning. Exercise though seems to slow or reverse the brain’s physical decay, much as it does with your muscles.

Additionally, learning something new strengthens, not only your brain but your brain’s flexibility. Even if you aren’t new to Pilates, there are never two classes identical to one another. Each class is different, and each instructor executes the same foundational movements in their unique way while providing their twists and challenges. This approach to fitness is then continually challenging your brain to be flexible by adapting to new movements and routines from the instructors.

So don’t go and get too confident about finally mastering Scrambled Eggs–you never know when your instructor will add a new twist to the exercise!

Pilates brings on a better attitude.

First of all, you walked into class and that is the toughest part. Maybe you walked in because you are trying to improve yourself physically, that right there shows you have a better attitude than those who are not challenging themselves to be better. Then add in actually taking the class and that puts you another step ahead of those that didn’t, which is reflected not only in your appearance but in your attitude. During Pilates, you are increasing your endorphins–the feel-good hormone which really puts you many steps ahead of the rest.

One thing you may not realize though is that a big part of Pilates is about executing each exercise with correct form–and with proper form comes excellent posture. Pilates builds great posture and with great posture (think chest up, shoulders back) comes confidence.

When you stand tall, chances are you believe more in yourself. Not only do you notice but those around you notice it too.

Pilates promotes better sleep.

Ah yes, sleep. Something we can probably all use more of from time to time (or always).

Exercise promotes better sleep–period. However, what if we told you that Pilates promotes better sleep… better?

Pilates requires a lot of mental and physical focus and exhaustion, simultaneously. Those who take Pilates have higher chances of sleeping better than those who engage in less mentally-focused workouts.

Remember all of that brain strengthening and flexibility we mentioned earlier? Yeah, that is what will get your sleeping like a baby because you can proudly say you have not only exhausted your core muscles but your brain muscles as well.


Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, come on in and try it out for yourself. We offer classes seven days a week in both Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel.